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End disease by starting with health.

Bringing order to
the chaos.

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We have the potential to treat, cure and prevent chronic diseases by modulating the gut microbiome early in life. At Pareto Bio, we are proving that it’s possible to end disease at the start by promoting balanced immune health in patients who would otherwise suffer from chronic diseases.

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Health 1
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Pareto is pioneering a mechanism-driven approach to rational drug design. By targeting the gut microbiome, we seek to redirect dysregulated immune pathways and restore balance. Our microbial therapies are thoughtfully designed and selected with the goal of promoting immune tolerance, improving gut function and gut health, and engrafting successfully to enable durable therapeutic effects.

One small step.

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Our first therapeutic candidate, a novel consortium of live bacteria, is in development to treat and prevent food allergies, which can be life-threatening and for which there currently is no cure. Our proprietary microbial therapy has shown promising results in leading translational models and has the potential to be highly safe, tolerable, and easy to use, in order to give patients a powerful way to break free from a life-long disease.

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